Chronic Pain

Pain that has been present for more than 3 months or has lasted beyond the expected healing time of the tissues after an injury can be defined as Chronic pain. It is also referred to as persistent pain is more complex than simple mechanical pain that you may experience after an injury. The treatment needs to be adapted accordingly as it is not simply helping the body to heal,  regain function and recover from an injury.

Chronic pain conditions are very common, with one of the most common being low back pain. Other common chronic pain conditions include fibromyalgia and complex regional pain syndrome. As Chiropractors what we see and help with most often in our clinic is Low back pain.

Many people will have had chronic pain or persistent pain for many years and treatment aimed at getting free from this pain in a few sessions using manual treatment may be unrealistic. Instead treatment at our clinic includes a bigger focus on self management strategies and teach people how to deal with their pain giving them tools to live and enjoy life. At Prime chiropractic people suffering chronic pain are given supportive self management and soon we will be also be running group self treatment strategy workshops.

An excellent resource is the pain toolkit and this is what our Chiropractors work with in our clinic.

Here is a link to the pain toolkit website