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Back Pain

The majority of people will suffer from back pain at some point in time, in fact research has shown it effects 80% of the population.  If you are experiencing pain that has been present for longer than 48 hours we recommend you have an assessment with a Chiropractor to fully assess what is causing the pain and establish the root cause. Chiropractors are well trained to assess and treat Low back pain to help you recover more quickly and prevent any recurrences. The Royal college of GP guidelines suggest early manipulation in the treatment of Low back pain.

Exercises to prevent back pain

What to do if you have a recent onset of severe back pain


  • Don’t panic. Although it may be very painful this is not an indicator of the severity and the vast majority of severe Low back pain is resolved quickly.
  • Use ICE not heat. Wrap a packet of frozen peas in a tea towel and apply to the painful area for 10-15 mins, repeat this every 1-2 hours. (note- do not do this if suffering from diabetes or poor circulation) It is also a good idea to avoid hot baths as although this may feel nice initially they will actually increase the inflammation which can lead to more pain that will take longer to subside.
  • Keep mobile. It is best to try and keep moving and avoid staying in one position for too long. Get up every 20min or so and take a walk around.
  • Listen to the pain. Do not try and do anything that is too painful, the pain is there for a reason and you shouldn’t try and push through it!
  • Get some pain relief. Medication can provide some relief so speak to your GP or pharmacist who will be able to provide the most suitable medication for you. However it is important to remember that they should only be used for a short time and are not a long term fix.