Here is a selection of some testimonials written by patients who have been helped and benefited from the treatment they received at Prime Chiropractic.

I suffered extreme pain in both my legs buttocks and lower back. My doctor prescribed various medications but these did not help and my symptoms began to worsen until eventually I was almost completely housebound and unable to stand without the aid of a stick. I changed doctors and they referred me for an MRI scan which showed there was a problem in my lower back but was not severe enough at to warrant surgery. It was at this stage I contacted Mark Jessop of Prime Chiropractic for help.

I had an initial one hour consultation and treatment and could feel the benefit almost immediately. Initially I attended the clinic twice per week for a short time during which Mark carefully administered his amazing range of chiropractic treatments and within just several weeks my condition had improved so significantly that I dispensed with the stick completely and could walk once again with renewed confidence and wellbeing. At this stage I am almost back to full health and mobility and managing to continue a range of exercises that Mark set to assist my recovery. Treatment is much less often now.

I am exceedingly impressed with the professionalism and expertise of prime chiropractic and highly recommend Marks valuable services to anyone. Prime Chiropractic is simply amazing and I will be extremely grateful that I was lucky enough to find them at such a critical time in my life.

Malcolm S


At first I thought my pain would just go away by itself but it just gradually got worse and eventually reached the stage where I couldn’t enjoy my dance classes. That is when I decided enough was enough and having put up with the pain in my shoulder for so long I finally took my friends advice to visit Mark and see if he could do anything to help. I wished I had gone sooner, it was something relatively simple that Mark was soon able to put it right and now I can go to my dance classes without any problems. I can’t thank him enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends and family.

Claire P

I have always had ‘twinges’ in my back but nothing like the pain I felt this time. All l did was bend down to pick up a screw driver and my back just seemed to go! It was very very painful and I had to take time off work, I was quite worried about it. I decided to visit Prime Chiropractic where Mark took plenty of time to listen to me and after performing his examination immediately put me at ease and re-assured me that my pain was nothing serious. I was able to return to work after a few days and Mark has showed me some exercises and given me advice to try and stop anything like this happening again. I’m very grateful for the help and advice I received from Mark at Prime Chiropractic and have even sent my wife to see him and he helped to sort out her neck pain.

Andy T


I was initially nervous about seeing a Chiropractor, but after having terrible back pain for 3 weeks and my Doctor just prescribing painkillers I decided to try it. Mark took lots of time to explain everything to me and answered all of my questions. After the first treatment it felt so much better and after 3 appointments I feel back to normal. I couldn’t be happier!

Linda C